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The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) links Extension educators from across the U.S. andvarious disciplines, enabling them to use and share resources to reduce the impact of disasters.

From food safety to field safety, from the physical to the psychological, and from governmental process to community development, EDEN has resources you can use.

OSU Extra Title ImageWelcome to OSU Extra, the Extension, Research, and Teaching Archive of Oklahoma State University's Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. OSU Extension Facts provide research-based information on a wide variety of subjects in regard to agriculture, economic development, family and consumer sciences, and youth development.

Different types of disasters may require different precautions before and during an emergency. You should know what disasters strike where you live and what to do to protect your family.

What is Ready.gov all about?

Terrorists are working to obtain biological, chemical, nuclear and radiological weapons, and the threat of an attack is very real. Here at the Department of Homeland Security, throughout the federal government, and at organizations across America we are working hard to strengthen our Nation's security

The Federal Emergency Management Agency - a former independent agency that became part of the new Department of Homeland Security in March 2003 - is tasked with responding to, planning for, recovering from and mitigating against disasters

Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Family Support Professionals in Times of War

CSREES has developed partnerships with both Army and Air Force to support youth and family programs on installations around the world. In addition to wise use of public resources, these collaborations promote mission readiness for soldiers and airmen and women Extensión en Español is a grass roots organization of Extension educators which seeks to better serve Spanish-speaking clients by sharing expertise and materials across the Cooperative Extension System